PMK Oil Synthesis From PMK Ethyl Glycidate (CAS 28578-16-7 Wax Form)

PMK Oil Synthesis From PMK Ethyl Glycidate (CAS 28578-16-7 Wax Form)

MDP2P commonly known as PMK oil is a direct precursor of MDMA, MDA and other methylenedioxyamphetamine derivatives. There are simple ways to synthesize PMK for one easy hydrolysis stage from PMK glycidate esters. PMK glycidate esters are legal substances in many countries and they are not controlled by law enforcement. This fact make PMK glycidate esters easy available source of PMK.

1. Put 47.5 liters of H2O in the reactor and add 2.5kg of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), stirring until complete dissolution, take out the mixture and keep it.
2. Put in the reactor 7L of H2O
3. Add while stirring 1.2kg of sodium hydroxide (NaOH).
4. While the H2O and the sodium hydroxide are mixing and getting temp put 5kg of wax PMK to melt by low heat.
5. When PMK is melted, add it to the reactor and heat the mixture at 80 °C reflux during 1 h with stirring.
6. Add 3.25kg of HCL 37% in small portions, once all added keep the mixture at 80 °C reflux during 1 h stirring.
7. Stop stirring and cool down the mixture to 25 °C.
8. Discard the water top layer.
9. Put the oil top layer again into the reactor.
10. Add the H2O and sodium bicarbonate mixture, stirring 2-3 min.
11. Add 10L of DCM (from freezer preferably).
12. Let it get separated around 10-15 min.
13. Evaporate DCM from the bottom layer.

PMK raw oil (MDP2P; cas 4676-39-5) yield is 3.72kg

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