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The seeds of various morning glory species contain ergoline alkaloids, including the psychedelic Ergonovine and Ergine (LSA, d-lysergic acid amide). Notably, the seeds of Ipomoea tricolor and Turbina corymbosa serve as psychedelics. When consumed in substantial quantities, morning glory seeds can induce effects akin to LSD. While LSA might be illegal in certain regions, these seeds are commonly available in gardening outlets. Nevertheless, there are concerns that commercially available seeds might be treated with pesticides or even methylmercury (though the latter is banned in the UK and the US).


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Morning glory belongs to the Convolvulaceae plant family. Recognized for their heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-esque flowers, they can blossom in white, purple, or blue. One prevalent variety is the Heavenly Blue (Ipomoea tricolor), renowned for its vibrant turquoise petals. Due to their ubiquity, some might exploit these seeds for their mind-altering properties, primarily because of the LSA content.

LSA and Ergonovine: The Effects of Morning Glory Seeds

Historical reports suggest that the Aztecs utilized Ololiuqui seeds to attain a trance-like state for spiritual communion. Although these rituals often resulted in profound visions and mystical experiences, Albert Hofmann, the renowned chemist, documented his personal encounter as rather contrasting. The seeds led to feelings of lethargy, indifference, and a profound sense of existential detachment. LSA's effects predominantly stem from its interaction with serotonin and dopamine receptors, inducing mild psychedelic sensations.

The Morning Glory Seeds Experience

Despite their potential to induce mild psychedelic effects, morning glory seeds offer a subdued experience when compared to potent drugs like LSD. While some testimonies equate the visual stimulations and euphoria to an LSD trip, LSA's intensity is relatively lower. Typically, the effects last between 4 to 8 hours, though there have been outliers where sensations lingered until the subsequent day.

Determining the Dosage

Gauging the exact dose of morning glory seeds remains complex. Each seed's natural constitution varies, and it's believed that an LSA concentration between 2-5 mg can induce hallucinations in most. This equates to consuming 150-200 morning glory seeds or merely 10 seeds of A. nervosa. However, these figures are purely indicative and not prescriptive.

Required Equipment and Reagents:

  • Glass vessels (500 mL x3, hermetically sealed)
  • Fine mesh screen or filter paper
  • Standard funnel
  • Baking tray or pyrex dish
  • 150g of Morning Glory seeds or Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (A. nervosa)
  • 130 mL Petroleum ether
  • 220 mL Methanol (MeOH)

Extraction Procedure:

  • Pulverize 150 grams of Morning Glory seeds or Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (A. nervosa).
  • Immerse the ground seeds in 130 mL of petroleum ether for 48 hours.
  • Strain the solution through a tight mesh.
  • Discard the liquid and let the seed pulp dry.
  • Submerge the pulp in 110 mL of methanol for another 48 hours.
  • Strain the solution, preserving the liquid and marking it as '1.'
  • Immerse the residue once again in 110 mL of methanol for another 48 hours.
  • Filter out the residue.
  • Combine the second methanol extraction with the liquid labeled '1.'
  • Pour the combined liquid on a baking tray or pyrex dish, allowing it to evaporate.
  • Once fully evaporated, a yellowish residue will remain, which can be sc*****d off and encapsulated.

Note: Based on extraction efficiency, 30 grams of Morning Glory seeds might offer 1-2 psychedelic experiences, while 15 seeds of A. nervosa might provide a similar effect. Always exercise caution and adhere to local regulations. 

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    LSA extraction from Morning Glory or baby Hawaiian woodrose seeds

    Introduction The seeds of many species of morning glory contain ergoline alkaloids such as the psychedelic Ergonovine and Ergine (LSA, d-lysergic acid amide). Seeds of Ipomoea tricolor and Turbina corymbosa (syn. R. corymbosa) are used as psychedelics. The seeds of morning glory can produce a...
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