Synthetic Hashish Understanding Natural vs. Synthetic Hashish

Is Hashish a Synthetic Drug? Understanding Synthetic Hashish

Hashish is a term often associated with the use of natural cannabis. However, synthetic variations of hashish, sometimes known as synthetic cannabinoids, have emerged in recent years. In this article, we explore the world of synthetic hashish, its ingredients, and production methods.

Ingredients for Synthetic Hashish

The primary ingredients for smoking mixtures of synthetic hashish are synthetic cannabinoids. These include:

  1. Classic Naphthoyl-Indoles: Such as JWH-018, JWH-122, AM-2201, MAM-2201, and UR-144. UR-144 is favored due to its low boiling point and efficient evaporation. Other cannabinoids like AB-PINACA, AB-CHEMINACA, ADB-CHMINACA can also be used, but AKB-48 and PB-22 series are less suitable.

Concentration of Cannabinoids

Compared to smoking mixtures, hashish requires stronger concentrations of cannabinoids. Here are some examples:

  • AB-PINACA: Starting concentration begins from 1:12 (reagent 1 g: base 12 g).
  • AB-CHIMINACA: 1 g to 25 g.
  • UR-144: 1 g to 12 g.
  • JWH-018: 1 g to 15 g, and so on.

Synthetic Hashish Production Manual (3 kg Yield)

Pic 1


  • Beeswax: 750 g
  • Henna: 900 g
  • Hop extract: 600 g
  • Glycerol (CAS 56-81-5): 750 g
  • Alcohol: 750 ml (IPA recommended)
  • Coffee

Pic 2Pic 3


  • Electric hot plate with 2 burners
  • Pot (10-15 l)
  • Pot (1-2 l)
  • Ladle
  • Bucket
  • Scales
  • Infrared carpet
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Press mold


pic 7

  1. Ventilation is Key: Ensure the synthesis area is well-ventilated to prevent the evaporation of active substances. Use exhaust ventilation with the outlet directed away from populated areas.
  2. Melting Beeswax: Grind 750 g of beeswax and heat it until it's completely melted. This typically takes up to 15 minutes.
  3. Preparing Cannabinoid Solution: Heat 750 ml of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in a large pan and add the chosen cannabinoid (e.g., AB-CHEMINACA 150 g for a 1:20 g concentration). Stir until the cannabinoid fully dissolves. Pour the melted wax into the IPA-cannabinoid solution and mix well. Add 750 g of glycerine while maintaining a temperature of 100-120 °C.
  4. Adding Coloring: To give color to the hashish, add 1-2 tablespoons of black ground coffee, henna (900 g), and hop extract (600 g). You can pre-mix henna and hop extract for better consistency.
  5. Homogenizing the Mixture: Stir the mixture until it becomes homogeneous and thoroughly saturated with the boiling mixture.
  6. Evaporating the Solvent: Allow the solvent to evaporate, resulting in a very thick mixture. Turn off the heating plate.
  7. Pressing the Hashish: Transfer 500 g of the thick mass into a mold and place it under a hydraulic press, applying 2 tons of pressure. This will yield synthetic soft hashish.
  8. Final Shaping: Knead the resulting mixture by hand and with a rolling pin until it reaches the desired shape, similar to plasticine.


Pic 5Pic 6

Safety Measures: Always work under exhaust ventilation and use a respirator to avoid inhaling alcohol vapors and synthetic cannabinoids. Handle henna and hop extract with care to prevent allergies and irritation. Wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves, goggles, and a laboratory coat.

Pic 4

Producing synthetic hashish is a complex process and may involve illegal activities. This information is provided for educational purposes only, and we do not endorse or encourage any illegal actions.

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