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Next, L-tert-leucinamide hydrochloride 52g is added and stirred until complete dissolution.
Then, hydroxybenzotriazole hydrate (HOBT*H2O) 48g is poured in the mixture and stirred until complete dissolution.
Following step, 1-ethyl-3-carbodiimide (EDC*Hcl) 82g is added and stirred until complete dissolution.
Triethylamine 100g is poured into the drip funnel and added dropwise with constant stirring (the mixture is turning cloudy).
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Is the 1HOBt EDC coulple mandatory or can other carboxyl activating group be involved with success?
DCC is the normal way to go but then again I would rather scale down the procedure at least 10 % before trying out a different activator and it makes sense to try out with EDC as reference for comparison.
This is beautiful. I wish i knew more about how atoms bonded to form consciousness and consciousness altering substanced.
I shed a tear for the sheer beauty of this.

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Synthesis of Cannabinoids
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