The service fee is 5% but not less than $10.


  • Seller has 48 hours to confirm the deal.
  • If the requisites are NOT received and 48 hours had passed since the confirmation - the deal is canceled.
  • If requisites are received and no income is obtained by seller within 24 hours, the deal is cancelled.
  • If the buyer is paid the bill and then the deal was cancelled by him, the buyer can return his funds to an own account minus the comission.

An ordering algorithm:

  1. The seller and the buyer find each other, agree with future transaction terms between them (Cost of goods, shipping, packaging, and all other essential conditions). They discuss who will pay the commission. When the final cost of the order is known, the buyer starts the deal.
  2. To start a deal follow this link New deal. Fill out the required fields.
  3. Once the buyer has created the deal, the seller must confirm his willingness to fulfil his obligations.
  4. After, the seller confirms readiness to make the deal, the buyer will be able to pay for the order.
  5. If the payment is successful, the Escrow agent going to be invited to the deal chat and send a message that the order is paid.
  6. When the buyer receives his order, he have to click on "Complete deal" button. This action allows to the seller get the payment for the order. If the buyer has a claim to the seller, he have to invite Admin to the deal chat by "Invite Admin" button.
  7. When the deal is successfully completed, the seller can withdraw BTC to his wallet using "Payout" button.

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